At McEquine, we listen to the stallion. We have various techniques and a wide variety of equipment to assure your stallion is able to give us the best semen collection possible. In our collection room, we have a state-of-the-art hydraulic breeding phantom, partially covered in horse hide for the most authentic feel for the stallion.

Semen Collection

Semen Analysis

Our lab is stocked with all the necessities to provide you with an accurate analysis of your stallion's semen. We can provide you with the collection's volume, density, and motility, as well as test for longevity in a cooled state for shipping. 

Freezing Semen

Rick has extensive experience with freezing and breeding with frozen semen. We have all the equipment to freeze, store, and ship semen. Frozen semen is invaluable to stallion owners as an added insurance on their breeding stallion. For more information regarding breeding with frozen semen, please check out our Mare Reproductive Services page. 

Breeding Phantom Training

Many times has Rick been referred to as "one of the best breeding phantom trainers" by those that have seen his work. We create a relaxed and comfortable environment for the stallion and allow him to set the speed of training. We strive to make the first, and every time, a positive experience. 

Large Heading

Stallion Marketing Management

New to our program! 

Let us take care of the pesky office work side of your stallion ownership. Available services include management of phone calls, semen shipment, contracts, payment, and advertising.