Foaling Services

Our mare motel is equipped with cameras linked to the house, just feet away. This assures quick response time and help if the mare requires. Rick has decades of experience in foaling out mares of all kinds, but has a veterinarian on call throughout the season should there be a need. All foals are given a thorough examination upon birth to assure the health of both mare and baby. We also have small private and semi-private paddock turn-out spaces for mares and foals.

Breeding Services

Subject to availability of stalls, McEquine has regular scheduled veterinarian visits to ultrasound mares. Available services include breeding to a resident stallion, breeding to an outside stallion, and breeding with frozen semen. When breeding to an outside stallion, we are able to contact the stallion manager as an agent of your mare, to have shipments sent directly to us.

Embryo Transfers

Let us take care of all of the logistics of getting an embryo from your mare! We will breed on site, haul the mare to the veterinary clinic to perform the embryo flush, and connect with the recipient mare farm to get a well suited recipient mare, and make the transfer.