Rick McDonald grew up in Nebraska, and has been in the equine industry since he was a child. His love for the horse stemmed from his dad, who taught him much of what he knows today. He has shown a little bit of everything in the past, from the pleasure to the reining, and has incredible horse sense.

      Rick has been a part of the equine reproduction industry since before it had truly made a name for itself. He was one of the firsts to collect and ship cooled semen, and has enjoyed watching the breeding world evolve around him. He has attended multiple reproduction short-courses at the Colorado State University, and has worked with vets across the country. Rick strongly believes that a day isn't complete unless you have learned something new. 

      Growing up in such a progressive position, he gained a love for pushing the boundaries. He regularly tests to see how long his collections can last, and strives to better them, to assure the highest quality product is being sent to the mare owner. 

      Outside of breeding, Rick prefers to spend his free time relaxing with family, and has quite the knack for smoking meat! 

Rick McDonald

Photo by Burnett Photography